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I have been with Trucksurance for 8 years and spent the first half of that time administering insurance policies and then moved onto the Claims Department which is a little more varied and challenging.

I am lucky enough to have been able to travel quite a bit (could always do a bit more…) but there is just something about home!
I love being outdoors and also enjoy doing anything creative. I love my family, my friends, and red wine!


I have been with the company for 13 years, my positions have included Policy Adminstrator, Accounts & Admin Clerk and currently General Manager of Insurance Administration. 


My years with Trucksurance have been very rewarding both on a professional and personal level,  I have gained lots of experience and knowledge of the insurance trucking industry.   My morals of honesty and integrity coincide with those of the company and as a team we are always focusing on the customer's needs.

I enjoy a loving, fun and meaningful personal life shared with my husband and two beautiful daughters and appreciate all the special times we have as a family.



I have been servicing members of the transport industry since 1998 in two primary roles: Insurance and Driver/vehicle Risk Management. 

It has been an interesting journey and one where my knowledge of the industry has increased immensely, the two roles complement each other nicely.  This  experience has left me in an excellent position to advise my clients in both areas, it is a more holistic approach than the normal insurance broker.



I joined the Trucksurance family in January 2004 as their accountant.  I did a B.Comm at UKZN some years ago and have always worked in this field.  I enjoy the challenges that come with the job.  I am the mother of three great kids and am cherishing the opportunity of having my eldest daughter working alongside me.  When not working I love to spend time with family and friends all of whom I hold dear to me.



21 years ago I co-founded Trucksurance. It was a scary undertaking - not that I was really aware of it at the time! With true youthful exuberance we tackled the challenges together and innovated and reinvented ourselves as the times and the markets changed. I am proud of all that we have achieved over the years and credit needs to go to our loyal clients and all of our team, both past and present, for the valuable contributions they have made. We enjoy both a low staff and a low client turnover with substantial percentages of both having been with us for 10 years or longer. I feel this is probably the acid test of our business and is testimony to how we feel about, and treat both our colleagues and just as importantly, our clients. I have 3 boys who play centre stage in my personal life. I really enjoy flying and have been privileged to have flown about 800 hours in helicopters and light aeroplanes. I believe my best work lies ahead of me and love Stephen Covey’s personal motto “Live life in crescendo”.


I joined Trucksurance in August 2012 as a Claims Administrator and have subsequently advanced to Policy Administration as well. It has been a spectacular experience and I have gained a wealth of knowledge from our amazing team. I thrive on challenges and Trucksurance gives me the opportunity to use my talents fully in every possible aspect. Every day invites a new adventure!!



I have been in the Short Term Insurance Industry for more than 20 years, working for Insurance Companies and Brokers.  This has given me a holistic understanding of the Insurance Industry which I am passionate about.
 I believe in the saying that goes “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.>
 I have two amazing teenagers that keep me young.  We spend most of our weekends together exploring the outdoor life.


All the Trucksurance staff went out into the very fresh Midlands on Monday 15 August to see the snow and have lunch at Nottingham road.


Trucksurance Snowman Staff