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Trucksurance is mandated by leading Insurance Companies and Underwriting Agents to market their products to you. Because we represent multiple insurance companies we are able to source comparative insurance quotations for you. We are then able to negotiate the cover you want and/or need, at the most competitive price, with a reliable insurance company who wants to do business with you.


Binding Authority

Some insurance companies recognise that we have a greater depth of knowledge and experience in Truck Insurance than they do. In such instances these companies give us “binding authority”. In other words they entrust us with the, negotiation of policy terms, conditions and premiums, the issuing of policies and the processing, management and paying of claims. These relationships are one of the key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors. They significantly improve our ability to give you outstanding service.



Cell Captive Manager

We have in depth knowledge of the “Cell Captive” market. Simply put a cell captive is a mini or personal insurance company and can give the owners thereof significant benefits. We manage a cell captive for Truck Indemnity Company and have done so for the past 8 years. This unique facility offers Trucking clients an opportunity to own shares in their own insurance company and to earn the profits normally made by the insurance company.