"We are founding members and have owned a stake in this mini-insurance company from the beginning. It’s been going about 8 years and we have accumulated a sizeable number of shares. It is a great accountability platform. We have regular meetings and the Trucksurance guys are held accountable for the results and things like claims service. It really has worked very well and we have made a whole lot of cash that would otherwise be in the insurance company coiffeurs."

Ian Freeman - Freeman's Transport



" TIC - is more and more attractive. It seems worthwhile. It does help us stay with TS. They go the extra mile."

Bruce McKinley, Refuel.



"Overall Trucksurance have felt like part of our family and we hope to continue for many years to come. Thank you for the last 6."

Michael Redfern, Refuel Carriers



"They offer a fair rate. I don't have to relook. The lines of communication are very clear. We meet quarterly and are now all part of a family."

James Gregory, Wozani Berg Gasoline.



Ek is trots daarop om 'n lid van die "Truck Indemnity Company" te wees. Die kollektiewe bydra voeg waarde toe aan elke organisasie wat daaraan behoort.

Willie Lourens, Crown Valley Carriers



"What you put in is what you get out. If you abuse, then you lose on the other side so it's not worth it."

James Gregory, Wozani Berg Gasoline.



"This writer has attended many functions over the years but this is the first one where I have seen money handed back to transporters by a supplier of services. That probably explains the air of dignity described above. Seldom have I seen transporters so reserved but I guess that’s because they’re used to paying rather than receiving money from suppliers. You could feel that it was just so lekker for them to get some bucks back.

The company behind all this is Trucksurance Risk Services, a Pietermaritzburg-based company which specialises in truck insurance."

Patrick O'Leary, Fleetwatch Editor See more on this article



"We have never been in a position where we did not receive excellent service. Even the night line number that was given to us, in the case of an accident, is always available and no insured can ask for better service than that."

Paul Kruger of SJP Kruger Vervoer (Courtesy of Fleetwatch article)








Locke Purdon, MD of Trucksurance (centre), holds the cheque for R2,135-million which was the total amount of money paid back in dividends to the happy transporters seen here. T'was a fine evening for all. See the Fleetwatch article in which this photo appeared.