Our History – how can it benefit you?

We have 123 years collective insurance experience of which 91 have been earned whilst serving the trucking industry. 6 of our staff have more than “10 000” hours each of “trucking industry specific” insurance experience!

Our Values – What difference will they make to you?

You will experience uncompromised transparency and integrity from us in all our dealings whether that is during our initial negotiations or when we handle your first claim.

We lead the market in this respect and have negotiated business solutions that enable us to give you the biggest bang for your buck on a sustainable basis (see “How We Work”).

We believe in a culture of APR. Absolute Personal Responsibility. Each member of our team is expected to be CEO of their job and they are empowered to make decisions and serve. We work tirelessly to execute our work in a way that consistently delivers more value to you than you have a right to expect. That is our goal!

We will have fun whilst serving you and will strive to make a connection with you that transcends a normal business relationship.



We are different - what is the benefit to you?

We are different, in that we have unique solutions and products available to you, only through Trucksurance. We developed these innovative solutions with you in mind. Read more or Contact us for details on how you can squeeze the most value out of your insurance premium.



What difference will we make to your business?

1. We will make you money. Yes we will.

2. We will turn your expense (insurance premium) into an investment.

3. We have the experience to give you the best technical advice.

4. We don't just accept the standard wording put forward by some insurance companies – when we see a policy conditions that we know you can't be certain of complying with we negotiate changes that we know you can cope with.

5. We have put together the most innovative, non-gimmicky, products that will truly change the way you think about insurance.