Welcome to Trucksurance!


Trucksurance provides innovative and highly cost effective insurance solutions to the owners of Trucks and Heavy Commercial Fleets.

We are in our 21st year of operation & enjoy the collective wisdom of more than 120 years of insurance experience. 90 of those have been gained providing insurance solutions to the Trucking industry.


We have processed and managed more than 4000 truck accident, hijacking and Goods in Transit claims and have receipted hundreds of millions in premiums. We enjoy and can boast depth of “trucking industry” specific knowledge and experience, second to none, in the South African Insurance industry.

Trucksurance was the first in the Insurance Industry to take on-road risk management seriously, & treat it as a means to sustained low premiums for our clients. We developed DriveSmart which has grown to become an independent business with its own client base. Besides serving our clients it serves large corporates; substantially reducing on-road losses in their self-insured fleets.

Trucksurance is a registered Financial Service Provider, licensed in South Africa, to intermediate commercial and personal short term insurance.